Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life - My wife has started blogging

Big news, my dear wife, I better name her - Yvonne has started to blog, she has never been much of an internet person and she has always been critical of me spending time in front of my laptop. So why do I spend so much time online? I spend time online chatting with friends on MSN, reading up news worthy article and also conduct research for my investments, as such I spend a fair bit of time in front of the laptop. I used to spend even more time on top of that, playing games but have almost stopped playing.

OK back to my wife's blogging, I think its good for her, like she said an avenue for her to let go.... Rather than keeping it to herself. She found out about my blog accidentally.... Hang on, I did not have anything to hide, but I wanted the blog to be more established before I let her in the know. So far her posts have been quite good, some entertaining, some made me think about my own actions towards her.... I shall not reveal her blog address here, I advised her to make a few more posts before she decides whether she wants to go public.

I wish my wife all her best in her blogging and perhaps we can get to know each other thoughts even better through blogging eh!