Sunday, December 31, 2006

Life - My 2006 in Review

Today is the last day of 2006. My wife has this list of things that she has achieved in 2006 and her aspirations for 2007. Not much of a person to make resolutions and looking back into the past, I have learned however that reminding oneself of little achievements can bring up morale and put things into perspective. So here I go:

Achievements in 2006:

Managed to successfully transit into my new position in the new department, at least I am not the only staff in my department as was previously the case. (Long story.....). My new boss is a smart and nice guy to work for, demanding enough that I can learn something. Other colleagues are great people to work with.

Had my customary wedding ceremony in June and went for my honeymoon in Melbourne and Sydney.

Again successfully transited to working for a new boss in my department and new colleagues. (Long story again.....).

Got the promotion and pay raise that I was looking forward to.....

Setbacks in 2006:

Not really a setback but living together with another person is not easy and we have our moments.... still trying to fit our lives together.

My bosses left to start their own ventures.... another colleague left to work on HK. Once again, I was the only staff left in the department.

Anyway, I have good vibes about 2007 and I will not be making resolutions, if I wanna do something, I will go ahead and do it....... better post this before 12am....

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Anonymous said...

I never had the habit of viewing blogs even though my hubby loves thup, thup, thupping at his keyboard every night... UNTIL his friend commented to him about reading my hubby's blog.

That is followed by a tirade of "Where, when, how, what & Why I did not know". Of course, the standard answer at this crucial time is "But I have told you, DEAR." MEN - please remember that women pays attention to the tinest details. So that did not work.

I am an understanding person (As all women will believe, then always ending that same sentence with a "BUT") BUT how can I be the last to know? Aren't you supposed to tell the other half the truth? (FULL TRUTH not Half truth)

Well, I happened to chance upon my hubby's blog by accident today (Really accident) & I must say it's fun!

It's fun to laugh at his silly antics at the Korean restaurant & know what stuff really matters to him. I, especially, like the sound of my name being mentioned -"MY WIFE". How intimate is that?

Well, I want to tell my husband that I will support him even if nobody reads his blog. (Since I have logged in 188 times) And maybe I could start my own blog... Wonder what he thinks about being termed "my husband"...

PS - please note you are being watch by the relevant authorities...

Your wife