Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cooking - Roast Chicken - Recipe from Jamie Oliver

Recently bought Jamie Oliver's cookbook Jamie's Dinners and tried out one of the recipes, Roast Chicken. You do not really need much, fresh chicken, lemon, garlic, potatoes, streaky bacon, thyme and thats it. It is important to use sea salt and black pepper over the chicken and leave it to marinade. If possible, try to keep the chicken at room temperature before you cook it, which means bringing it out of the fridge half an hour before cooking. It does take a bit of time, 45 minutes in the oven, add in potatoes and bacon and then another 45 minutes. I think the main idea is the boiling of the lemon and garlic, using them to stuff the chicken, which gives the chicken its great taste. I will not post the recipe here, but some of my friends have tried it when I cooked for them and they all gave high marks for it. Its simple and easy to do, just need to start cooking early due to the time taken. (Actual product - left), my friends finished everything to the last morsel.

Get his recipe book, its full of interesting recipes.

On my end, I have elected to leave out the potatoes and just concentrate on the chicken with the bacon over it.

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