Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Music - Lisa Ono - Bossa Nova

Lisa Ono was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where her father owned a club. She writes and sings her own songs and is able to sing in a multitude of languages, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, just to name a few. I attended her Romance Latino concert in Singapore last year and she sang 夜来香 in Mandarin, I was very impressed. I was introduced to her music a couple of years back and have been a big fan since. Her voice is smoothing and low and one of my all time favourites is her cover of Moon River. Her latest album, Jambalaya - Bossa Americana, brings us a Bossa Nova feel to old American favourites like Country Road and Jambalaya. I'll play her songs in the background as I read, work and do other stuff.... its great as background music! Not your mainstream music definitely.

Her albums that I own:
  1. Pretty World
  2. Romance Latino Vol.1
  3. Romance Latino Vol.2
  4. Romance Latino Vol.3
  5. Jambalaya - Bossa Americana
  6. Dans Mon Ile
  7. Questa Bossa Mia
  8. Bossa Carioca
  9. Naima

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