Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tech - Sony Earphones - MDR-EX90SL

My old Sony earphones MDREX71SL (left) which have lasted me for 4 years, since 2002, decided to retire during my trip to Bali. Usually when my earphones retire.... only one side does, so its quite frustrating cos the other side still works but there's nothing I can do abt it! Anyway, my advice is not to buy white earphones cos they yellow with time, not sure abt those iPod ones. the reason I love my old earphones is that they are small and they fit snugly into your ear with silicone earbuds (they are called in-ear earphones), so it has kind of a noise cancelling effect. I was using those normal earphones for a couple of days while waiting to get the new ones. Wah lau! It was damn painful, which hardened my conviction to get the in-ear ones and I decided to stick with Sony. My old earphones have suffered a fair bit of abuse under me and they still lasted 4 years, so I am impressed with Sony for their earphones.

Went to the Sony Gallery at Wisma Atria with a buddy of mine and was intending to get an upgraded and black colour model of my old earphones. I spotted a new pair of earphones - the MDR-EX90SL (left) looking sleek and enticing. And for S$9 more at S$89, I decided to try it out.

Just saw that Bose has come out with their own in-ear earphones, looks good but at a whopping US$99.95, about S$155, its out of my league.

Its been great so far, the sound is crisp and clear from my Treo, I am not really an audiophile, so this new pair of earphones works great for me! The earphones come with 3 sizes of ear buds, S, M, L and I think M will fit most folks and I still have the ones from the old earphones even though they are grey, doesn't bother me.

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